SPERRY GROUP with a growth history of over 30 years has excelled globally in the field of plastics raw materials, components & machinery. We have recently added adhesives also to our product basket. We have four strategically located sprawling plants at Greater Noida (UP), Bahdurgarh (Harayana), Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Jammu (J & K)





Expanded PolyStyrene



Research & Development

Sustained 100% quality control in the company has resulted in the steady faith of a growing list of international clients in Sperry. We have start of art quality control laboratories having the world’s best Universal Testing Machines, Melt Flow Index Testers, Izod Impact Testers, Benwart Flexing Machines, DIN Abrasion Testers besides other machines. A highly sophisticated Sperry R&D unit undergoes constant technological up gradation to keep in the step with global developments and trends. A 24X7 commitment to service and attention to client needs is the company’s motto.
Steady check and control of the production processes and fulfilment of client’s requirement with commitment is the company’s hallmark. Quality management techniques and certified quality assurance is in place that ensures confidence. Best solutions are provided to the customer under the SAP ERP system. At Sperry Group, the fusion of experience and technology is the basis of its ever-growing reliability in the globally competitive environment.


  • ISI mark No. IS15778:2007 CM/L 3218446 for CPVC Pipes
  • ISI mark No. IS 4985:2000 CM/L 2535756 for Agri Pipes
  • ISI mark No. IS13592:2013 under development for SWR Pipes
  • CIPET certificates for effect on water
  • CIPET certificates for Chlorine Test
  • CIPET certificates for Bonding Cement for CPVC fittings
  • In-house laboratory tests

Tests are carried out on the pipes for dimensions, density, hydraulic pressure, reversion, impact, tensile strength etc.

Exhibitions and Media

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Environment & CSR

In an era when pollution, waste disposal and environment care make headlines, Sperry Group has worked silently and diligently to meet all the pollution control norms. International safeguards are in place to maintain perfect environment and eco consciousness at every step of the manufacturing process. For this the company invests in technologically advanced resources and expertise.

The responsible and committed implementation of this undertaking is constantly monitored by the company’s internal ombudsman. Emissions, waste and safety guidelines are strictly adhered to by each individual in the hierarchy of the organization