Our mission is to maintain the market leader’s position that we have achieved in the last fifty years of experience and developed a brand that is recognized by numerous industrial customers in more than seventy countries all over the world.

SPERRY WICTOR’S aim is to supply its customers with innovative products and invest in research & developments; this stimulates us to invest more in innovative products & customized high-grade adhesives, following our belief that pushes us towards higher goals. Our vision is sharing our experiences and objectives with our customers, as we believe in following the same directions; we can gain competitive long-term benefits, which are flexible to the changes in the markets.

The brand Wictor began to assert itself on the domestic market of adhesives and glues addressed to the footwear industry in the 60s, and soon became the market leader. In the 80s the brand began to be appreciated on international markets, strengthened in the Asian and African markets and developed the segment of “Do it yourself” industry. In the 90s the growth strategy and market penetration on national and international markets was reinforced with a series of acquisitions of different company from the competitor that ensure a rapid growth of turnover and industrial know-how. The products are recognized as synonym of excellence and quality that make hope a ready retrieval of lost positions.

Plant and Production

The plant composed by five departments: production offices, services and safety area, underground storage of solvents, Research & Development, storehouses (for raw materials and finished products). It covers an overall surface area of aver 11,000 sq mts, with a production capacity to produce around 40,000 tons per annum.

  • Flex packaging department has three reactors of different capacity they are installed with a daily production capacity of seven tons by one shift (the production capacity can be easily increased with a second working shift);
  • Production department no.1 has 10 mixers and is able to produce 35 tons per day on one daily shift. Polycholoroprene based adhesives are the main products of this department.
  • Production department no.2 has 7 mixers able to produce 22 tons per day on one daily shift. Polyurethane based adhesives are the main products of this department, mainly for the production of shoe adhesives.
  • Production department no.3 has 5 mixers of 6 tons each capacity able to produce 30 tons per day on two daily shifts. All types of adhesives are produced by this department, mainly significant volume batches. This department is also provided with intermediate storage vessels and automatic filling machines;
  • Water based production department: production unit is able to produce 15 tons per day. This department also have facility to produce catalysts and additives for all the adhesives.

The factory is equipped with the more updated technology to provide a safe and pollution free environment (water, air, earth). Fire safety systems are installed in all the production units providing proper safety methods and following all norms and procedures. Safety is always a standard norm at all times to avoid any potentially dangerous situation.