The Engineering Division of Sperry Group entered into collaboration with the Sound Group from China for the assembly of their top of the line range of Injection Moulding Machines at Jammu to cater to the ever-growing demand of the Indian Market. The joint venture with China has vastly enhanced the range of Sperry Group from compounding to machines. Sound Group is one of the oldest and most advanced manufacturers of Injection Moulding Machines in China. Our all India service network is unique with a professional group of services engineers always available at key strategic locations.

Injection molding machines are available in the range from 90 ton to 4000 ton, while the Aluminium die-cast machines are available in the range from 125 ton to 3000 ton. The FTA & FTB series of machines are very energy efficient. We are the pioneers for installing the biggest Injection Moulding Machine of 3800 ton capacity as a turnkey project in India.
Our aim is to provide efficient and maintenance free machines to all the users of Injection molding machines in any range of size and capacity.


FT SERIES (FT90 – FT4000)

FT SERIES is standard, economical and oldest series. In this series, we have adopted negative rear angle dual-toggle clamping system, fully computer controlled and dual proportional load. The main features of this series are its Simplicity, Precision, Durability and Low Cost.


FTN SERIES is the changed version of FT SERIES. It has faster speed, higher precision, more consistency and higher capability with lower running cost as compared with FT SERIES. The structural part of this series is also stronger.


FTA SERIES specification is same as that of FT SERIES machines but they come with a Variable Displacement Pump. In comparison to normal series, it can save 30%-50% power. Equipped with close-loop proportional variable displacement pump, it performs close-loop out pressure and flow.

Special Advantages of FTA Series are:

(a) Power Saving

(b) More Accuracy & Precision

(c) Consistency

(d) Reliability


FTB SERIES, specification is same as FT SERIES machines but they come with Frequency Conversion Control Technology. The machine controls the system pressure and flow in accordance with the needed working pressure and flow at various molding stages to match the motor output according to its loading. Lower consumption of energy, lower cost and environmental damage is realized as a result. The special feature of this machine is its very low noise.

FJ SERIES (FJ580 – FJ1800)

FJ SERIES machines are larger capability special plastic Injection Molding Machines. It is especially suitable for applications requiring large injection volume and low clamping force. Its maximum shot volume is 80,000 cm ³. It is used for molding Polyolefin (PE, PP) class big-scale plastic of products required for project applications.

ZJ-EH SERIES is the latest series. It is a combination of electric & hydraulic drives. The clamping system and injection process is equipped with hydraulic driving by displacement pump; whereas the plasticzing unit is equipped with absolute large torque electric servo motor to drive directly. It makes the machine more energy saving, more environment friendly, higher speed, higher efficiency and lower cost.


ZJ-H series injection machines are equipped with MOOG high-speed proportional servo close-loop control system and high capability accumulator from Germany. It posses excellent capabilities such as high stability, high speed, high precision, fast response and so on. It is suitable for high precision thin walled components.


ZJ-PET series injection machines have the plasticzing unit with larger shot volume, lower cutting and absolute driving. Then with the large space between tie bar and full hydraulic double plate clamping unit, it can use the mold with more cavities. It is especially suitable for PET pre-form molding.


SD SERIES has been recently launched in China Plas 2008. This series equipped with SERVO MOTOR from JAPAN saves energy upto 60% compared with the Standard Series.

The Main Advantage of this series are:

(a) Low Noise

(b) High Precision

(c) Consistency

(d) Smart Design

(e) More Accuracy

(f) Low Running Cost