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Expanded Polystyrene (also known as Thermocol) is a rigid cellular form of polystyrene with excellent thermal insulation and shock absorbing properties, high compressive strength, very low weight and resistance to moisture. These properties of EPS hove many applications in the construction and packaging industry.

Sperry Group entered into the EPS business, with the aim to revolutionaries a then commodity industry by following all safety parameters and EHS norms producing millions of pcs per day for consumer industry leaders in the sector of home appliances, electronics, hygiene, construction and automotive.

Our state of the art plant of EPS (thermocol) molding is equipped with latest imported machinery and molds. Our fully automatic vacuum cooled machines, of all sizes have a very high production capacity and help us ensure quality consistency. The machines range from 1400 mm frame size to 1750 mm frame size, with a production capacity of processing of more than 400 tons per month. All the installed machines are supported by world class utilities.

In order to help in the sustainability of environment and promote the green initiative, our team leaders have introduced a new technology that would help us reuse waste EPS and with our “patented” technology tested in labs in Germany and Dubai convert it into our raw material named “Glorifac Green Form’s” which can be used to make strong EPS for replacing the traditional bricks. This new technology that has been recognized by US Patent Authority has several benefits:

  • Increases insulation and sound proofing
  • Helps reduce per watt consumption of air conditioners
  • Decreases the time for the erection of the building
  • Environmentally Friendly

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