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Social care and environment

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Social care and environment

In on ma when pollution, waste disposal and environment core make headlines, Sperry Group has worked silently and diligently to meet all the pollution control norms. International safeguards are in place to maintain perfect environment and eco consciousness at every step of the manufacturing process For this the company invests in technologically advanced resources and expertise.

The responsible and committed implementation of this undertaking is constantly monitored by the company’s internal ombudsman Emissions, waste and safety guidelines are strictly adhered to by each individual in the hierarchy of the organization.

Sperry Group’s commitment to the society is provided by its “People to People” action program, be it an eye donation camp, provide free cataract operations, organize blood donation camps or distributing artificial limbs to the disabled. Our rescue team with the support of doctors and medical supplies were present at the earthquake sites within the shortest possible time in Gularte and Uttaranchal The annual tree plantation drive undertaken in rural India is also one of its kind