What sets Sperry apart from the rest is the sustained attention to quality and service, both of which are the backbone of an industry as precise and exacting as thermoplastics. Right from the initial beginning to the present high-end finesse and quality control technology, Sperry has focussed on the customers’ needs.
Upgrading quality and checking standards consistently has resulted in an impeccable reputation in the markets. A judicious balance of experience and cutting edge technology creates the right recipe for reliability that is our mainstay.
Our motto is to be second to none in the manufacture of thermoplastics fit for a global market, develop and maintain high-grade quality control and implement global standards in the manufacturing processes. With these goals in mind, all the endeavours of the company keep the client’s needs at the centre in each and every activity.
Our commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in state of art production machines, research & development facilities & the technical expertise available with the company.