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Adhesive Division

Our mission as Wictor is to enlarge the market leader position we achieved during our 65 years’ experience with a historical Italian brand recognized by industrial customers in more than 70 different countries all over the world. In-line with the shared global view, Wictor is now poised to be a highly customer oriented company in the field of ADHESIVES with full respect to the environment and international market regulations. We take the pride in offering our customers a complete solution for adhesive with extended technical & logistics supports.

We are global leader in the field of adhesive for Footwear, Furniture, Sofa, Construction, Automotive, Flexible Packaging, DIY and OEM with a strong technical know-how, strategically located production plants in ITALY, HONG KONG and INDIA with fully equipped RnD centers in order to cater have customer all over the world majorly in Europe, Russia, South America, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and China etc.

We stand by our motto “Stick with US”, with the aim to supply our customers with innovative products and invest in RnD in order to provide the market with customized high-grade adhesives, to create a long lasting “bond” with our customers.

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